Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentines Day Dance!!

This year at church we has the pleasure of having a Valentines Day Dance!
It was SO much fun!
In honor of the holiday it was a formal dance
(bad news cause I had NOTHING to wear).
The week before the dance my friend Julia invited me to go dress shopping with her.
Not expecting to buy anything I went.
Spending the entire day shopping with now luck we gathered our things
and went into the last store of the day.
Let me tell you, that was a good little decision that we made.
That dress that I'm wearing there we originally,
prepare yourself,
I know! Bonkers right?
Well no fear all your worry warts out there.
I got it for,
this time prepare,
(you could pee)
After tax that is.
Great deal I would day!
The dance was awesome though!
My friend Julia and Ashley when with me.
We took all of Saturday getting ready
(aka watching t.v.)
Mom and dad thought since we were fancy they would take us out to dinner before hand.
It wasn't really a fancy place.
But yummy.
Get it. Yummy?
It was a great night thought.

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Sarah Harward said...

HANNIE!! You look great! I want to see a full length picture of that dress!!!