Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentines Day Dance!!

This year at church we has the pleasure of having a Valentines Day Dance!
It was SO much fun!
In honor of the holiday it was a formal dance
(bad news cause I had NOTHING to wear).
The week before the dance my friend Julia invited me to go dress shopping with her.
Not expecting to buy anything I went.
Spending the entire day shopping with now luck we gathered our things
and went into the last store of the day.
Let me tell you, that was a good little decision that we made.
That dress that I'm wearing there we originally,
prepare yourself,
I know! Bonkers right?
Well no fear all your worry warts out there.
I got it for,
this time prepare,
(you could pee)
After tax that is.
Great deal I would day!
The dance was awesome though!
My friend Julia and Ashley when with me.
We took all of Saturday getting ready
(aka watching t.v.)
Mom and dad thought since we were fancy they would take us out to dinner before hand.
It wasn't really a fancy place.
But yummy.
Get it. Yummy?
It was a great night thought.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Brian Regan!!!

So I'm as I am sure you were all dying to know
(and i was so rude to leave you with out a description of the beautiful event)
of how my Brian Regan Experience went.
Well I think it goes without saying, but it was AMAZING!!!
Mom was suppose to take me but as we were preparing and listening to some of his stuff,
she was not nearly as thrilled as I thought she would be.
We would be sitting in the car
on the way to church, listening to him tell his funnies,
me crying and about to pee I'm laughing so hard
then there is mother not uttering a single giggle.
I figured that if I was going to go to this I would take someone who would actually enjoy it.
So I took my kindest brother Brad.
He sat though me laughing.
(which if I were a normal person it wouldn't be to bad. But instead I'm hannah and my laugh is overly loud.)
Don't think Brad is the best brother though.
We were separated at first but then this guy whose family was right infront of me.
(he was next to brad)
Traded me seats.
As we were switching seats I accidently spilled this ladies wine all down the front of her shirt. Oops
But towards the end of this wonderful night. My brother Brad decided he had, had too much of Brian Regans funnies and FELL ASLEEP!
Rude I know.
Other than that it was quite a fun and funny evening at that.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Catching Up

I really need to catch up on some Z's.
I seriously cant stay wake anymore.
(and i want to have a big family, psh yeah right)
Maybe I'll learn to sleep with my eyes open,
then i can sleep during Geometry :)
Or maybe the weekend could get here quicker.
Mom if your reading this,
let me skip school tomorrow please.
Love hannie-poo
Going to take a nap, suggest you do the same,
to catch up on sleep for me.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


so on the fifteenth of this month it was my birthday,
in the porter family your dont usually do much to celebrate the day of your birth,
but this year was especially horrible.
my parents took me to cici's pizza.
(i HATE cici's)
but the good thing was that a few of my friends showed to wish be a good day.
oh and did i mention that school started on my birthday!
anyways, yesterday mom and i were on the way to my friend tiffany's sweet 16.
we started talking and mom asked if i was sad that i didn't get a big party like that.
after talking for a while,
she told me that brian regan was coming to louisville,
and since i was being a good sport about not having a big shindig for my birthday,
she'd take me and we'd make it a date.
so thats right everyone!
i'm going to go see the sand up king
brian regan!
fill free to call me up after november 5th
and ask me how it was!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

tears and pee

i saw this movie saturday night with my parents.
i was suppose to wait and see it with my friends morgan and leilani but i just wouldn't wait any longer.
i want to say sorry to them.
but let me tell you this movie was SO good.
i could hardly stand it to sit still in my seat.
i just wanted to jump for joy, sob to the point of death,
and scream.
mom and dad said i was and embarrassment but i've always been that!
if you haven't seen this movie, grad you keys and run out of the door,
and catch the next showing.
you will NOT be disappointed!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

today i was thinking....

today i was sitting here at my computer,
and thinking about how much i miss this girl.
i remember when i was little i always wanted to spend the night at her house,
(i dont know why now cause she has no air),
and whenever i did,
we always watching the movies,
what about bob and ghost busters.
we scrap booked so much back in the day.
i am so thankful for my sister and the AMAZING examples they are to me.
i am so glad i get to watch them be great mothers,
and i get to spoil their kids to death!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Not to brag,
but i have a pretty gorgeous family!
Even though brad and steven look more like a couple than sarah and steven do.
I love them more than anything.
I'm super excited for ALL of them to come down,
along with my aunt and her family.
i'm so blessed to have such a fantastic family who love me..
and each other.
have a great 4th...